New laser technology has provided an option for removal of unwanted hair that has proven to be more long-lasting than the use of depilatories, waxing or tweezing. Although no method is completely permanent, laser hair removal is more enduring than traditional methods. It safely removes unwanted hair without damaging pores and skin structure. Laser hair removal works by emitting a gentle beam of light that passes through skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed. This energy, transformed into heat, destroys the hair follicle but leaves skin unaffected. The procedure is performed in the physician’s office and will usually take several treatments. The process is effective only during the early growing cycle of the hair. Repeat sessions are necessary to treat follicles previously missed as they re-enter the early growth phase. Most patients experience very little discomfort. The degree of discomfort varies with patient according to their pain threshold. Topical anesthesia can be requested based on individual preference. The treatments can last from 10 minutes to an hour depending on size of area treated. The area treated may become pink or red with this discoloration lasting from a few hours to a few days. This may be treated with ice, and patients should avoid the sun 4-6 weeks before and after treatment, or as directed by your physician. Desired results, treatment and improvements should be discussed with your physician during the initial consultation. He can help you determine whether or not laser treatment is a viable option to help meet your expectations. The surgeons and staff at The Face & Body Center are available to discuss any questions you may have by calling 866-939-4999 or 939-9999 in the Jackson Metro Area.