Extensor tendons are located on the back of the hand and straighten the fingers and thumbs. These tendons are attached to the forearm, are joined to the fingers by smaller tendons from the hand muscles. These all account for hand coordination. Tendons are vulnerable to injury because of their location on the back of the hands. Most of these injuries, such as torn tendons, are treated and stabilized with a splint; however, cut tendons should be repaired surgically. A pin may be placed through the bone to serve as an internal splint. Incorrect positioning or non-compliance to doctor’s instructions can cause further problems. It is imperative to follow physician’s directions for maximum improvement. Different things can affect outcome of extensor tendon injuries. These include nature and severity of the injury, fracture, infection and individual healing. Scar tissue may form and complicate finger bending and straightening. Therapy may resolve these type problems, or surgery may become necessary. Your Face & Body Center surgeon can determine the best method of treatment. The surgeons and staff at The Face & Body Center are available to discuss any questions you may have by calling 866-939-4999 or 939-9999 in the Jackson Metro Area.