Facial skin scarred by accidents or surgery and facial wrinkles can often be smoothed out using the techniques of dermabrasion and dermaplaning. These procedures can be performed in small areas or on the entire face. Often they are used in conjunction with chemical peel, scar revision or facelift. These treatments soften the sharpness of surface irregularities and give the skin a smoother appearance. Skin type, color and medical history affect whether or not these procedures areĀ appropriate for you. It is generally not acceptable to have these procedures done if you have active acne breakout or if you recently have had radiation treatments, recent severe burn or chemical peel. In dermabrasion, the outermost layer of skin is scraped away until the physician has reached the safest level to make scarring or wrinkling less visible. Dermaplaning is the use of an instrument with an oscillating blade that moves back and forth to skim the surface layers of skin at the defects. This continues until the scar becomes more even with the surrounding skin. Following these procedures, your skin will be red and swollen. These symptoms should subside in a week to ten days. A crust will form over the area and will later fall off leaving new skin underneath. Normal activity may gradually be resumed. Pinkness will fade in about three months and can be covered with corrective make-up. Normal pigmentation should return with smoother skin in several months. The surgeons and staff at The Face & Body Center are available to discuss any questions you may have by calling 866-939-4999 or 939-9999 in the Jackson Metro Area.